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Double-sided adhesive label printing solution

Double-sided adhesive label refers to the transparent film on the front and back printing (multiple printing), to achieve the purpose of double-sided label, commonly used printing methods are two way ;

Positive and negative printing: First, in the transparent film material (OPP, PET) by reverse color printing reverse graphic, and then printed on the surface of white ink, cover the text. In the white ink surface in accordance with the normal color of the printed text, in order to protect the ink, after the use of film technology. After the label is cut and cut, the double-sided label is formed. Multi-layer ink printing suitable for rotation on the stickers, stickers label bar code label large stickers label manufacturers. Use uv ink printing. As the number of printed colors, often need to complete the two printing (such as six-color printing presses, two printed twelve colors). Such as in the UV rotary screen printing device with a platform label machine, double-sided label can be printed once completed....

Synthetic material composite printing: printing the same principle, the difference is that the reverse printing of the graphic is not printed on white ink, but the use of coating principle covered with white paper, covered with ink. And then printed on paper to complete double-sided printing. The paper-plastic compound printing method can be carried out on various types of labeling machines, such as in the intermittent small label machine can be processed twice.

Reverse label is a special case of double-sided adhesive label, that is printed on the film reverse graphic, only printed on white or covered with white paper, no longer printed. Double-sided adhesive label in addition to the label machine in the form of reel processing, but also the form of leaf processing, commonly used method for screen printing. Self-adhesive label on the election Pui Jia printer stickers label manufacturers.

Double-sided adhesive labels used in transparent materials, bottles or glass, such as transparent plastic box, cosmetic packaging bottles, car cabs on the windows of the label of the car stickers using double-sided printing technology, one side of the plastic, the standard Affixed to the door, cars and the like, can be positive and negative content is not the same. synthetic material


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