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How to avoid carton product printing color problems

(1), The quality of water-based ink is good or bad. The quality of ink directly affect the color of the carton printing, the color is not fresh is not consistent are affected, so need attention. Good quality ink and color standard is no significant difference, feel fine, sticky, the concentration just right. The color should be similar to the standard template color, and the printing color can be maintained in different batches. After the completion of the batch of some samples of paper cartons for future production for reference. Each ink is best to run out of time, because leaving the next use may appear color.

(2), Ink volume is stable. The speed of the press running needs to be kept steady for a while soon for a while, in order to ensure that the press has a stable ink transfer state. Specific operations, the printing speed of the amount of ink is too large, large viscosity is also large ink.

(3), Plate pressure. The pressure of the plate and the role of the reaction of the impression cylinder, the printing operation will appear color light, color cast these, will feel that ink is not enough, and then increase the printing plate cylinder pressure, had to meet the requirements of ink, The result has a serious edge effect.

(4), the quality of corrugated cardboard is good or bad. Need to ensure that the corrugated board paper weight is stable, the same thickness, moisture content uniform, to ensure that the ink can be well absorbed. Want to print good quality need high quality cardboard.
Today, specifically explore how to avoid printing appear color. To solve the problem first need to analyze the cause of the problem, we need to find the impact of printing color consistent factors.
The above specific discussion on how to avoid printing appear color. To solve the problem first need to analyze the cause of the problem, find the impact of printing the same color factors by the Dongguan Grand Rise Print Network (LXPACK.COM) editor special finishing.


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