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Sticker label printing has a variety of printing methods

Sticker label printing has a variety of printing methods. In theory, flat, concave, convex, hole four kinds of printing methods can be used, but stickers label printing for trademark stickers, should be for its smaller format, less bulk, printed content is simple, after processing complex Characteristics, different trade-offs. Currently widely used is the Relief label printing.

1.Offset Printing: Offset Printing is suitable for printing fine (175 lines / inch), registration requirements are high, large batch (more than one million times), after processing less demand for business, so offset printing is sticky paper products Of the preferred printing method. At the same time the traditional printing enterprises in accordance with its existing production equipment can take into account the production, but also create a considerable benefit....

2. Screen printing: screen printing small investment, printing ink layer thick, imprinted bright and lasting, and the printing material to adapt to a wide range, the most suitable for PC, PVC Mingban class stickers printed products, but not suitable for high printing lines and There are dot overprint stickers products....

3. Relief Printing: Relief Printing investment is small, printing quality and printing speed is moderate, the general trademark printing presses can achieve "printing, film, playing water number, die cutting, automatic waste" production line, convenient and practical, And the printing plate for the photosensitive resin letterpress, printing labels have the advantages of full ink, so the use of embossed printing for the first choice for self-adhesive label printing.

4. Intaglio printing: Intaglio printing with short ink ink system for ink, roll material printing, a high degree of automation, the use of solvent-based ink, ink layer drying quickly, is the film of self-adhesive label printing products of choice. Gravure printing because of its plate-making cycle is long, plate making costs are too high, so only suitable for large quantities of label production. It is available with ink and has an environmental advantage. But the flexo printing production line investment is large, and generally only suitable for large quantities of printing.

No matter what kind of printing method, the purpose is consistent, that is printed out a clear, beautiful, full color, flawless label. In particular, color label printing should avoid printing white spots, ghost (ink bar), the color is not accurate, ink with poor powder, color is not enough or even missing problems. In addition to this should be a good label quality inspection, to prevent bad goods out of the factory, the key is in the printing process, control the relevant links.


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