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Green Printing Environmental Labeling Product Certification

At present, the green printing environment logo product certification inspection is mainly based on "environmental labeling products, technical requirements of the first part of the printing: lithography" and "environmental labeling product protection measures guide."

(1), pay attention to the knowledge of certification learning.

At present, the green printing environment logo product certification inspection is mainly based on "environmental labeling products, technical requirements of the first part of the printing: lithography" and "environmental labeling product protection measures guide." The basic principle of the inspection is to take the environmental labeling product technical requirements as the core, with the environmental labeling product safeguard measures as a tool to implement the product implementation process inspection. The main contents of the inspection include: the management requirements of the enterprise, the environmental behavior requirements of the products, the environmental management requirements of the production enterprises and the conformity of the product quality and the authenticity of the submitted materials. Therefore, we must seriously study and study the above two basic documents in order to understand the next step in the certification work.

(2), strengthen the full system training.

Green printing certification work is not only the number of enterprises in the project, but also the full participation of enterprises in the system engineering, and only continue to adhere to the full participation of the system training, in order to gradually establish and improve the environmental labeling product security system.

On the one hand, enterprises should pay attention to internal self-training. Through the organization of business-related personnel to seriously study the "environmental labeling product technical requirements printing the first part: lithography" standard terms, in accordance with the "Environmental Labeling Product Safety Measures Guide" requirements, combined with various departments, various processes and positions for training, Employees of the green printing environment signs the production and certification of products have a correct understanding. On the other hand can also use foreign technical services to improve the level of enterprise training. Should be designated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Development Center for the technical training of enterprises, on-site technical services, including environmental labeling summary, HJ 2503-2011 standard to explain the environmental labeling product safety measures guidelines and implementation requirements to explain the safeguards document preparation guidance and Certification inspection counseling and other content, through technical training for enterprises to apply for green printing environment logo product certification to provide effective help.

(3), concerned about the certification is easy to ignore a few questions.

1: should pay attention to the HJ 2503-2011 standard technical content of the specific implementation requirements.

For example, the application for certification enterprises must understand the following: Application for certification of product quality should be consistent with national standards GB / T 7705 or industry standard CY / T 5 (primary and secondary school textbooks should meet the national standard GB / T 18359) requirements, need to provide compliance requirements Of the third party inspection report; 5.1.1 ink, varnish, blankets, adhesives and other raw materials shall not be added 6 kinds of phthalates, required to refer to each of the raw materials are required to provide " (White) degrees should meet the requirements of GB / T 24999, primary and secondary school textbooks used in paper (white) degrees should be consistent with the requirements of GB / T 18359, involving the requirements of the GB / T 18999, 5.1.3 ink should meet the requirements of HJ / T 370, need to be involved in the different brands and models of ink to provide through the "ten ring certification" to prove that the use of different types of paper must provide light (white) degree of third party testing report; The

5.1.4 varnish should be water-based or light-cured glazing; 5.1.5 powder should be plant powder; 5.1.7 coating film coating adhesive should be water-based plastic film. The above three requirements for on-site confirmation, to provide product chemical safety data sheet. 5.1.6 Moisture solution shall not contain methanol and shall require a third party inspection report.

The evidence required to provide the provisions of Article 5.1 above is often overlooked by the enterprise that has been applied for certification, and the relevant evidence can not be provided at the time of certification inspection. In addition, it should be noted that the environmental labeling products qualified supplier directory and general product qualified supplier list of the difference, and pay attention to environmental labeling products qualified supplier list of materials in the name, model and supplier name should be consistent with the evidence .

2: we should pay attention to the environmental labeling product safety system of the daily operation and continuous improvement.

Environmental labeling product security system is not established by the preparation of documents to complete, can not only do the surface of the article. In accordance with the "Environmental Labeling Product Safety Measures Guide" requirements, in the enterprise production and management practices to establish the appropriate system, and continuous improvement. "Guide" 4.1.1 to 4.4.2 a total of 20 articles should be implemented into the daily management of enterprises, the formation of a documented management system; where there are system requirements should have a corresponding inspection mechanism, certification inspection to consult the implementation of the system Situation; to check the results, the daily operation of the record.

For example, Section 4.3.3 of the Guide to Safeguarding Environmental Labeling Products stipulates that "producers should identify and evaluate waste water, waste gas, noise, hazardous wastes in their production processes and implement effective control." In the case of waste developer , As a hazardous waste, the enterprise must first identify it, the relevant workshop and process to be collected, temporary storage and registration, after the regular transfer, centralized storage, the receiving department to transfer and storage records, enterprises should have centralized storage of hazardous waste And regularly commissioned a unit with hazardous waste business license to carry out the recovery, with its contract, retained the transfer of single. Above the identification of waste liquid, storage and transfer process, requiring enterprises must have a system, there are checks, there are records. This example can basically explain how the environmental labeling product security system should be established and implemented.


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