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3d movie is how to make out?

3d movie is how to make out?
At present, we have seen many 3d movies, I believe you will be familiar. Such as "death to the four", "stereo cavalry: shark boy and magma girl", "very small spy 3", "geocentric adventure", "zhou park", "black Friday", "shrek (animated version)", "barbie and pegasus magic (animated version)", "the polar express (animated version)", "magic and illusion (3 d magic)" "superman's general mobilization" cars "walle" super century "avatar USES 3 d technology, movie screen into a gateway to Pandora.
In 3 d movies, we can see the movement of up and down, left and right, not only will also be able to see it or come to us. 3 d movie will have this effect, because we see the world, has been through the brain processing. Because of the difference between two eyes position, each eye see images are slightly different. These into stereo vision, image processing will brain allows us to distinguish the sense of distance. Principle of 3 d movie is -- let two eyes to receive different images respectively, the rest of the let the brain automatically.
The most common film 3 d effect, is to use "light points technology". It depends on the polarized light and filter, and let each eye received only a part of, and filter out the other part. In the last century, during the filming of a 3 d movie people will be in a camera to add a horizontal polaroid, only let the light of the horizontal vibration through, Another polaroid cameras such as vertical direction. Then the two lenses, distance and the distance between the human eye, will be ready to start shooting. When play, let the audience wear glasses with a polaroid, polarization direction and the direction of polaroid camera. In this way, the left eye glasses will be completely filter out the right camera images, while the right eye glasses filter out on the left side of the camera. The 3 d movie requires the audience to sit straight.
Later, the improvement of Lipton, this technique, make the RealD 3 d. It on the polarized light in a circumferential direction of vibration of rotating, combined with the traditional film speed 6 times play speed, want how crooked movie will do. Now the RealD 3 d has become the most widely used 3 d movie technology.
Optical technology is passive 3 d movie. That is to say, it doesn't need to control the glasses. Color points technology and so on. There may be some people will vividly remember the stereoscopic film in the 1980 s - it is the two different color lens. If you don't wear glasses, look forward to, this movie projection out, such as a deviation of the color printing books. After filter on the glasses, can appear colorful three-dimensional scene in front of me. Its biggest weakness is easy to cause visual fatigue, have faded out film production field. It was not until 2007 that Dolby * the company developed a Dolby * 3 d system, color points technology to heat up again. With the help of a projector on the projector before the filter to shoot the light into red, green, blue three primary colors of light, and projected onto the screen, respectively. Filter lenses respectively to receive these high-frequency Gao points and low frequency part of the spectrum, also can realize stereo effect. The technology is better than traditional color points technology. Most importantly, projector mount filter can show 3 d movies, and remove the filter, can also with traditional films. "Avatar" premiere, also used in the Dolby * + IMAX 3 d.
As long as that two eyes see images accurately, we will see a three-dimensional world. So active 3 d movie technology controlled by the another way of thinking - glasses of pervious to light, for each eye to see half of the picture. As long as the lens black program and display synchronization, can constitute a stereo vision. Nvidia graphics card companies have now provides this kind of product on home computers, some cinema began to use the technology. But its cost is higher.
The current 3 d movie technology has reached the mature stage, as for what kind of technology will eventually become the mainstream, has already not a technology problem, but another problem.
3 d movie is not the only film technology and its development direction. Such as "giant large screen" IMAX screen visual area is about 10 times than ordinary movie screen, and through a variety of technological innovations to guarantee on the big screen is still clear and good visual effect, it is easier to let the audience to produce immersive feeling c after 30 years of development, IMAX screen began to become an important standard of people viewing. It is also many articles to encourage people to go to the IMAX 3 d + (avatar).
1. In the following, wrong understanding of the "3 d movie technology" is a
A. watching A 3 d film, we can see not only the movement of up and down, left and right, can also see from us or to our action, these are the effect of 3 d movie technology.
B. as a passive 3 d movie technology, optical points technology main principle is to make each eye received only part of the light, and filter out the other part, and then through the brain into stereo vision processing.
C. the light of the traditional technology for the audience sitting position is very demanding, Lipton, improvement of the technology, let the audience can enjoy the ordinary film as free enjoy 3 d movie.
D. color technology in recent years to obtain breakthrough, Dolby * 3 D system completely solve the traditional color points technology weng easily cause visual fatigue problems, and 3 D films became easier.
2. In the following, a is entirely correct understanding of the meaning
A. in the last century, during the filming of A 3 d movie camera and the audience use the polaroid, filter, and even the distance between the two cameras and the distance between the human eye must be the same.
B. in appreciate the color points technology of 3 d film, the audience need to filter lenses to receive respectively red, green, blue three primary colors of light of high frequency and low frequency part.
C. now 3 d movie is basic the passive 3 d movie technology, active 3 d movie technology has entered into practical use, but the cost is higher.
D. movie screens giganticism super russsian, make it easier for the audience to produce immersive feeling, is the development of 3 D movie technology and a huge change.
3. According to the original content. That one is wrong
A. 3 d movies can be said to be completed jointly by the photographer and the audience, 3 d movie technology is essential to our brains have also played A part.
B. the avatar by popular audience the most important reason is that have adopted the most advanced film technology Dolhy + IMAX 3 d.
C. optical technology, color technology have been dominant in 3 d movies during filming, but the two technologies in the future is likely to be replaced by other techniques.
D. the development of science and technology to promote the development of film technology, the film is more and more high demand, in turn, fork pushed forward the development of related technologies. Understands three-dimensional film with three dimensional printing principle, but our 3 d printing effect if ultimately depend on the physical principle and the principle of refraction! 3d movie is how to make out?


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