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 Dongguan Printing in Grand Rise, Printing in China, Asia for less can save 30%. Grand Rise Printing is a full service Lenticular Printing , Plastic(PVC, PP,PET)products and Paper Products Printing company in Dongguan China. Brief information about us: GR Printing is a China Printing Company providing Full UV Offset Printing Services of Plastic Printing and paper products. Printing product ranges from 3D Lenticular Card , Lenticular Sticker , 3D Images Painting , 3D Lenticular Box , Morphing Notebook , Flipping Bookmark , Zooming Logo , 3D Soft PVC Bag , Soft PVC Cover , PVC Cosmetic Bag , Plastic( PVC, PP,PET ) Box , Custom Color Box , Wine Box , Pop-ups Board Book, Children's Books printing , Magazines, Commercial Label , Greeting PostCards, Page-A-Day Calendars, Wall Calendars , NWire-O Books, Gift Box and etc. See our Products Pages for more informat...



What are the types of commonly used printing paper?

1. Coated paper: the surface coating coating to increase the smoothness and gloss, high brightness, low ink absorption, can reflect all the colors in the spectrum and get the best results, and scalability is small, suitable for color printing , Also divided into single copper (one side coating glazing), double copper, matte copper and other types (matte paper is both matte paper, paper than expensive). The usual weight is 80 g, 105 g, 115 g, 128 g, 157 g, 180 g, 200 g, 250 g and the like.

2. Offset paper: also known as forest paper. The surface brightness is not as good as the coated paper, the ink absorption rate is relatively strong, the color is dark, the ink is not easy to dry. The usual grams are 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 120g, 150g, 180g and the like.

3. White cardboard: small scalability, toughness, folding is not easy to break, mainly for printing business cards, packaging and packaging materials. In the book binding, for the hardcover book in the seal and hardcover books in the paper (ridge) and other binding materials. Commonly used grams of 220g, 240g, 250g, 280g, 300g, 350g, 400g and so on.

4. Light paper: also known as Mengken paper. Texture and loose thickness is good, folding, opacity, paper light Color and wood pulp color is similar, giving a simple, natural feeling, long time reading will not cause visual fatigue. Because there is no coating or coating low, so the reflectivity is not high and the absorption capacity of the ink is strong. Publishers commonly used paper. Commonly used for weight 55g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 100g and so on.

5. newsprint: also known as white newspaper. Is the newspaper and books of the main paper, apply to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic books and other printing. The weight is about 50g.

6. Light coated paper: also known as lightweight coated paper. Commonly used in supermarket publicity single page / DM / clip newspaper, the cost is relatively low, feel soft. Commonly used grams of 64g, 70g and so on.

7. Kraft paper: with a high pull, divided into single light, double light, stripes, no grain and so on. Color is white and yellow, mainly for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags and so on.

8. Sulfuric acid paper: transparent characteristics for single-sided spot color printing, more brittle, with a variety of colors, can be hot aluminum

9. Special paper: a variety of special purpose paper or art paper collectively, the specific reference to special paper pattern.

(LXPACK.COM) editor special finishing of the coated paper, offset paper, white cardboard, light paper, newsprint, light coated paper, kraft paper, sulfuric acid paper, specialty paper, these commonly used printing paper basic characteristics and application , For users to exchange learning.


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