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Print a light oil

Manual printing too but light oil is no relationship with the description of the color printing. The main factors is to see the content of the manual printing design, material, after processing, delivery and cosmetic requirements, etc.

First from the material, the need of light oil specification is generally use coated paper and mute powdered paper two pieces of material. These two kinds of paper is more smooth, relative to the writing paper absorbency is poorer. So that ink is easy to be scratched ceng dirty, you will need to have a layer of light oil to protect.

Another is the instruction of design content, why has to do with the content? Because if the specification of the content of the larger fast color, the color is heavy, color or color is more thick parts. This position is also prone to scratching and getting dirty phenomenon. And because the darker itself, scratched goods after staining is particularly prominent, too serious will directly discarded. So also need a light oil protection

Then after is the description of process, that is, after processing, usually have folding, riding a nail, cutting, etc. In the process of the operation of the processing machinery is very prone to scratching and smearing.

So why do you say about delivery? Because after the light oil is the drying time need half a day or so. So if the delivery is particularly urgent cases, you need to control ourselves.

Appearance is because after light oil will be brighter, look more high-grade, such as some magazines, etc are all inside pages of light oil. In summary inside pages too light oil is mainly have a protective effect, but also to make manual look brighter more high-grade.

So at the time of printing specifications, inside need of light oil, needs according to the above several ways to analyze it again. If it does have the necessary, as far as possible don't penny wise and pound foolish to save a little money. Money is small, after all, if quality problems need to replenishment time consuming, especially for a manual image to the company in the customer heart phenomenon is not worth the cost!


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