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Printing Knowledge

3D Lenticular Printing Production Principle And Future

According to the principle of cylindrical lens stereo grating imaging 3D stereo images based on optical methods is mainly has the following features:

1. 3D images must be of the same scene taken from different Angle of view of a set of pictures. Due to the unidirectional three-dimensional characteristics of grating, for this group of pictures were taken place! At the same height.

2. Synthesis of three-dimensional images by parallel to the axial cylindrical grating stripe. The same grating lattice spacing inferior spacing order one item of each image in the corresponding position information. As shown in figure! As shown in the two image synthesis of stereo images.

3. Because of each image location shooting. The same point in stereo image, should have two points are to form a position faulting and this is what the causes of the formation of stereo feeling.

Grating Lenticular printing face the biggest challenge is color separation plate making for grating stereo effect is through the image separation and restructuring to get fine grating. Key is interlaced scanning software of image processing, such as file data is compared commonly big, require computer has enough capacity to handle after scanning the image file. Also the characteristics of stereo image pixel is exquisite and column lens raster amplification, plate making screen ruling over 120 line/cm.

Because the stereo imagery is consist of lines are closely arranged pixels, and composite column mirror plate after plate making, printing, so in addition to consider when choosing cable Angle between the screen don't form a turtle grain. Also note the screen Angle and pixel line, column mirror line form of turtle grain. Three-dimensional printing in unfavorable choose cable Angle. And because of the horizontal line is the most obvious. 'and the pixel lines, orthogonal cylindrical lens line, interfere with the image sense of clarity and depth. Used for 3 d printing is a very fine line 300 screen. Only when in print or by sun to 8.5 9 points when printing paste version easily otherwise. So you need to increase the amount of color dark color area in order to achieve the effect of 9-9.5 points. So, stereoscopic printing than plane four-color printing color ink density field.

Require very precise grating three-dimensional printing, the printing process, there are two main ways a is printed directly on the grating materials, the other is printed on paper and then paste to the grating or paste on the plastic film and then press the grating. Grating thickness between 0.008 to 0.385 inches. Therefore, if the printing misregister, even extremely small deviation printed products will become waste is tiny and so the effect of the gap will affect the overall layout. Grating three-dimensional printing precision requirements for printing equipment is very high, overprint error should be less than 0.0 mm l.

If it is a cylindrical grating plate and print joint forming in the printing process. The image and the process of precise grating plate joint together is very critical. Some enterprise is manual operation. There are many uncontrollable link, the worker's operation skill directly affects the stereoscopic image quality, and the t. Grating plate joint molding method is printed on the finished product coating a layer of light plastic transparent thermoplastic materials in mould heating solution pressure into a cylinder type grating plate. The plate joint to printed on the finished product the grating lines on the grating lines and print accurate alignment can show the stereo effect. Column spacing of 0.6 mm lens, the concave and convex surface equidistant to the image formation is divided into millions of pixels. Cylindrical grating plate about 48 per cm each concave and convex concave and convex line below the line is about six pixels the grating lines on the grating lines and print accurate alignment is really not easy to control. And direct printing on the grating material printing process is relatively easy, as long as the precision of the machine can print directly to the finished product. But unlike traditional printing is the last need coating a layer of white light oil on the surface of the printing.

Although the stables as the theory of three-dimensional photographic rare 100 years history, but the development of practical application of this technology is very long. Grating three-dimensional printing derived from stereoscopic photography film provided by the 3 d images. But because of the stereo images in filming on the traditional production and synthesis methods of the optical principle of stereo image has great limitation in application of equipment accuracy requirement is high, and complex technology. Production cost is high. So. Stereoscopic photography could not be promotion and popularization, and the three-dimensional printing and prepress production processes process long accumulated error between large screen resolution low printing effect is not ideal. Operation difficult, poor quality of low efficiency, high rejection rate, and simple to expensive special manufacturing equipment and consumables, etc., are also greatly hinder the grating three-dimensional printing technology application and development.

The 21st century into the era of digital three-dimensional photography people using computer software like more synthesis. Computer technology, especially the rapid development of image input, process and output technology provides convenience for computer synthetic stereo images.

Along with the computer direct plate making CTP technology, USES the FM network and high precision printing. UV technology matures, launched many equipment manufacturers of various types of UV offset press.

Heidelberg, man Roland, global group, komori, the optimal ratio etc have been introduced which has the function of the offset press. Directly with offset printing plastic grating materials is no longer a problem Lenticular printing quality system is the guarantee. The grating three-dimensional printing get rapid development. In recent years. The domestic three-dimensional printing got great development. Printing houses have started to use grating three-dimensional printing process to achieve more complex products. From labels, poster to packaging products, and even plastic cups are application of three-dimensional printing present a thriving scene.

Although see on product is not in the true sense of three-dimensional visual effect. But the grating three-dimensional printing is not just teasing the child's trick. Compared with traditional stereo technology. In terms of economy and the use of flexibility, shows its unique advantages. We have reason to believe that grating three-dimensional printing technology in the field of printing in the future there will be more broad space for application and development prospect.

In recent years as, filled with the increasingly rich, elegant packaging. A new product quietly appear in People's Daily life. Ever notice food packaging in the attached to the card or the lovely small card 7 tilt back and forth motion card will see all kinds of wonderful effect. in lxpack.com.

This is made using grating three-dimensional printing technology products. It is widely used in packaging play cartoon products, commercial advertising, science and education, postcards, greeting CARDS, anti-counterfeiting tags, trademark tags mouse, all kinds of credit CARDS, etc. Fill the decoration, which is also applied to a variety of products. The printed pattern is continuous, no seams, has excellent false true. Can in the forming of irregular surface of the object, a multi-angle three-dimensional printing at the same time. Now can also copy all kinds of rare wood, jade, agate, snakeskin grain, marble and other natural decorative pattern, compared with natural material items together this distinction of excellent simulation effect.

Grating three-dimensional printing is to use a grating plate making is stereo printing image. This print without any tools to the naked eye can be in the two-dimensional graphic images directly to detect three-dimensional images. Look at these products people must be very curious how is it made of?

People in observing objects can naturally have stereo feeling, is because of the people of a certain distance between two eyes. When observing objects around eyes to observe from different point of view into two eye visual differences. Reflected in the composition of various image in the brain, to produce distance feeling and stereo feeling.

Prepress production is the use of this principle, using cylindrical lenses stereo grating to realize the three-dimensional imaging. It is using binocular parallax and convergence of deepness of realization of stereo feeling in people's mind. So in theory only obtained from two or more different observation points a set of images can be synthesized stereo scenery pictures.

Cylindrical lens stereo grating is composed of a number of structural parameters and performance of small nursery cylindrical lens is exactly the same. This feature makes it has' 'compression on image "and" isolation ". Cylindrical three-dimensional grating can be taken from different angles to the state of many of the images with stripes recorded on the same picture. When the watch. Also use the same kind of columns of three-dimensional grating, make the person eyes to see the same scenery of two different like and the thoughts of man, that is the depth of the stereo effect with parallax images. Cylindrical lens stereo grating is composed of planar linear array of cylindrical lens. So cylindrical lens stereo grating stereo images should be referred to as a unidirectional automatic stereoscopic images. Its significance for only feel level to the parallax information.

Grating 3 d software developers to Human Eyes technology company in said recently on drew the exhibition will launch a series of grating printing tools.

These new prepress function not only started the precedent of the industry, but also can greatly simplify the prepress process, increase the productivity of three-dimensional grating and printing quality.

 Grand Rise 3D so far have been five vendors selected in drew the live demonstration of grating on the printing, the five vendors respectively fujifilm, oce, Gandinnovations, Gao Baohe HP.

Recently I saw some in the market in a flat paper printing of stereo image, image clear, rich layers, image lifelike, profound mood, stereo sense is very strong, very realistic, greatly catches the eye of the public, especially children, this is huge potential for development of 3 d print.

Reappear stereo images in three dimensions of stereoscopic printing, the space between is to simulate the human eye can produce the principle of spatial difference, taken from different angles, different Angle of pixels record on the sensitive material, again with a composite grating materials, has the stereo effect that the reduction of printing process. 3 d printing is the further development of photography, is the crystallization of stereo display technology to further explore.

Lenticular  printing are derived from stereoscopic photography film provided by the 3 d image. Although the three-dimensional photographic imaging theory proposed has a history of more than one hundred years ago, in the long years, the stereoscopic photography has a certain degree of development. But as a result of stereo image on the film and make the traditional production and synthesis methods of the optical principle, make the three-dimensional photos there are a lot of limitations in application, along with expensive production equipment, technology and complex operation, production costs higher reason, make the three-dimensional photography cannot be promotion and popularization.

3 d printing is a systematic engineering, including the stereo camera, stereo computer plate-making and grating compound machine. Every aspect of the development require unique expertise: enterprise unless the computer plate-making and grating templates, grating mechanical design and manufacturing ability. Otherwise, must be very difficult to expand production. All the stereoscopic printing pre-press plate-making process, process between the accumulative error is big, reduces the image definition, influence the printing effect; And expensive production equipment, high production costs; These can affect the promotion and popularization of three-dimensional printing. Stereoscopic printing commercialization is a difficult process, so in the past years the three-dimensional printing only in a small scale application.

The 21st century. Stereo photography into the digital era, along with the computer technology and the application of CTP, and USES the FM network and high precision printing equipment, stereoscopic printing quality has the guarantee. Three-dimensional printing on cable, outlets, overprint and so on various aspects requirements are higher than the average print, so more strict to the requirement of printing equipment.

Abroad at present, the application of 3 d printing is very wide, the market is more mature, many foreign companies took a fancy to China's cheap labor costs and stereoscopic printing business to China, to greatly reduce production costs. General outside the demand is higher, the grating used materials and printing ink and other consumables need to import, but even so, the domestic three-dimensional printing enterprise still can bring many benefits to foreign customers.

Domestic 3 d printing enterprise in guangdong, Shanghai and jiangsu and zhejiang area, in these enterprises, there are many joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises. In terms of source of business, especially for a enterprise with a certain scale, outside the single is a mainstay of the three-dimensional printing enterprise business. Obviously, for foreign capital or joint venture outside the single has its unique advantages, such enterprises can be easily rely on foreign business outside the single side of the resources.


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