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Printing Knowledge

Plastic box products printing based on common sense and process

Plastic box is a kind of packing box, color box packaging is roughly divided into two categories: the carton packaging boxes and plastic transparent materials, we referred to as "box refers to PPC, PVC, PET/APET as the material, after printing, die cutting, stick box and a series of process outer-package of processed products. Compared with traditional paper boxes and other packaging, plastic box with environmental protection, non-toxic, high transparency, more intuitive to show the advantages of packaging products, can effectively upgrade the product packaging. PP, PET, APET material environmental protection, non-toxic, except for PVC.

(1)plastic box classification; 

According to the material classification: PP plastic box, PVC plastic box, PET plastic box, APET Plastic Box etc

According to the box type classification: cylindrical plastic box, square box, special-shaped plastic boxes, soft plastic boxes, chip, etc.

(2) the production process

1, plate making, plastic box plate making widely used now CTP plate making.

2, material: plastic box packaging are commonly used materials such as PET, PVC, PP, PVC, PET thickness is 0.10-0.0.55 mostly, PP is 0.75 MM thick, because the material is too thick framed out the box is too hard, appearance looks very dull.

3, printing, plastic boxes outside will not print, best printing, because the plastic box is the bottle, so the printing requirements process is very high, the most taboo color difference, ink, rub off the influence of aesthetic.

4, surface treatment, plastic box packaging usually to do surface treatment, common is too light, too dumb glue, uv, light oil, oil too dumb. Offset printing is also our said.

5, bei (die-cutting) : bei is important link in the printing process, to bei must die cutter must to do, if no beer, beer, beer on these would seriously affect the subsequent processing.

6 and labeling: usually prints are first beer after membrane, but plastic box is beer before the film, one is afraid make flower packaging, 2 it is to pay attention to the whole beautiful glue box, plastic box of the membrane material must be made by hand, it can achieve a beautiful.

7. Sticky box: after laminating machine, need through the sticky box process (to be automatic sticky box, artificial sticky box), need to pay attention to the choice of the glue stick box, different materials need different types of glue.

(3) features,

Plastic box of PVC, PTE, the performance of the PP raw materials determines the quality of the printing ink, raw materials only good performance, good printing quality color effect can be attained. Therefore, correct understanding of performance and the relationship between the print color glue box, according to characteristics of printing products, process conditions, reasonable choose high quality raw materials for printing, have important practical significance to improve the quality of products.

1, plastic boxes, smoothness and the relationship between color effect

Smoothness is plastic box surface concave and convex degree evaluation of technical indicators, represent the box surface flat, smooth and uniform degree of physical quantities, namely, under the certain condition of vacuum, a certain volume of air, from the plastic box under certain pressure between the test sample surface and the smooth glass surface flow through the time required to measure, its unit in seconds. The higher the number of seconds of the plastic box smoothness, the better. Plastic box of smoothness, the better, when printing contact between the plate and the surface of materials, is more uniform and complete, layout (relief) or the ink on the rubber cloth layer transfer are more fully, print color effect is better. Conversely, plastic box of raw materials with poor smoothness, ink transfer uneven, inadequate, and raw materials for surface permeability is strong, the amount of ink color effect is bad, often easy to make print inky hair flower, hair light. So, printing fine products, cables, the thin, the smaller the dot diameter, the more smoothness good printing plastic box raw materials should be adopted, so that the original good reproducibility.

2, plastic boxes, luster and color effect

Plastic box of gloss is refers to the degree of specular reflection on the surface of the plastic box, expressed in percentage. Plastic box of gloss is higher, its surface can reflect light like a mirror, can show the appearance of bright characteristics. In fact, the plastic box surface besides mirror reflection, diffuse still exist, resulting in a plastic box of gloss. High gloss of plastic box of raw materials, print ink is more bright-coloured, inky visual effect. Plastic box of raw materials, as it were, the more smooth and luster also is higher, the higher the print colour gloss also. Plastic box of gloss and smoothness of the raw materials have a close relationship, but not smoothness, gloss plastic box of raw materials, shiny surface, is not necessarily a smooth surface. From the point of plastic box gloss characteristics of raw materials, according to the calendar features to choose the appropriate printing plastic box of raw materials, is of great practical significance. Such as the layout is given priority to with text books and periodicals, appropriate chooses gloss paper, in order to avoid reflection, make the eyes look also for a long time not get tired. And printing is given priority to with chart layout, appropriate chooses high gloss PVC, PET, PP material, make the print ink evenly, thick, bright and pleasing to the eye.

(4)scope of application

As compared with the traditional carton packaging, plastic box price is too expensive, but with the national requirements for printing industry, environmental protection and green. Plastic box has the advantages of increasingly apparent. The plastic box of the most widely used is the infant child industry, cosmetics, digital products, etc. This article from dongguan grand Rise  www.lxpack.com finishing release printing.



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