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 Dongguan Printing in Grand Rise, Printing in China, Asia for less can save 30%. Grand Rise Printing is a full service Lenticular Printing , Plastic(PVC, PP,PET)products and Paper Products Printing company in Dongguan China. Brief information about us: GR Printing is a China Printing Company providing Full UV Offset Printing Services of Plastic Printing and paper products. Printing product ranges from 3D Lenticular Card , Lenticular Sticker , 3D Images Painting , 3D Lenticular Box , Morphing Notebook , Flipping Bookmark , Zooming Logo , 3D Soft PVC Bag , Soft PVC Cover , PVC Cosmetic Bag , Plastic( PVC, PP,PET ) Box , Custom Color Box , Wine Box , Pop-ups Board Book, Children's Books printing , Magazines, Commercial Label , Greeting PostCards, Page-A-Day Calendars, Wall Calendars , NWire-O Books, Gift Box and etc. See our Products Pages for more informat...


Printing Knowledge

Gold foil Sticker process need to pay attention

gold foil Sticker process need to pay attention:

(1) bronzing temperature. The best bronzing temperature of the roll needs to be set according to the difference between the aluminum. The temperature is too low, will lead to the aluminum can not be stamping to the paper; the other hand, the temperature is too high, Dian Hualv hot stamping to the paper fluff, poor color, and even lead to melting aluminum foil and hot paper The
(2) bronzing pressure. When the plate roll pressure uneven, there will be one side of the indentation deep, while indentation shallow (shallow to hot can not be stamping to the paper). The pressure is too large, will lead to paste or imprint thicker; the other hand, hot stamping foil and the substrate can not be attached, and can not hot stamping foil parts of the cut.
(3) bronzing speed. Bronzing speed actually reflects the hot stamping when the printing material and hot foil contact time, a direct impact on hot stamping fastness. Speed, will lead to hot stamping or imprinted flowers; the other hand, both affect the quality of bronzing, but also affect the production efficiency.


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