Package Printing Company China. We are plastic printing company and package products manufacturer. We provide full printing service to the worldwide
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Grand rise packing possesses the expertise on printing and packing products. Combined with a fleet of technologically advanced equipment and highly skilled staff, we have the capacity to supply the demands of every printing job.grandrise delivers excellent environmental protection materials suited to the specifications of each client. We print a number of products for personal, commercial or corporate use, ranging from commerce transparent bags ,3D greeting cards , package boxes to banners.

Grand rise printing company in Dongguan, is a design printing, packaging, plastic products in one of the special printing company in DongGuan. Printing company processing the production of PVC plastic packing , PET green boxes , printing PP , PVC bags , PVC lampshade , three-dimensional lamp , texture pvc film , grating materials printed , Christmas cards , stars reflective flake printing , Gold paper printing , silver cardboard printing , printed fabrics , leather/pu printing etc . Plastic products company processing card folders , Christmas gift packaging , 3D art frames , color stickers printed , embroidery material goods , stationery kits , PVC \ PP label , injection signs , three-dimensional T barrels , handbags , file bag ,jewelry boxes ,present boxes storage boxes, gift boxes, a series of documents such as certificates products.

The china printing company since its inception, "integrity" and "quality" as a core business to "strict quality control, production management China Science printing, excellent sales service" win the majority of customers trust and support. To meet the needs of the market, upgrade products, and The recent introduction of the printing company in china imports of six color new Offset printing machine , and four-color Offset series of binding, printing auxiliary equipment; establish and improve the management of the printing mechanism on product quality at all levels gatekeeper, the responsibility to the people and truly manufactured products pass rate above 95%. Realized from the development, design , print processing , online sales of the through-train service to a high quality, efficient service delivery model and we will continue to develop, innovation, and look forward to working with you in good faith cooperation.

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